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I would be happy to answer the most important questions about mental training and hypnosis. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me or we can discuss them in a non-binding trial conversation.


Answers to the most important questions about mental training

Why do I need mental training?

Mental training has been used successfully in sports to improve performance for decades. When your legs hurt after a long fight, when an opponent forces you to excel, when poor conditions on the day of the competition weaken your concentration - all these are factors in which mental toughness is essential. Because giving up is always in your head. Mental training will help you to overcome your personal limits, resolve conflicts or simply restore your inner harmony. It doesn't mean that you can't reach your goal without a coach, but it can definitely be done a little easier and a little faster. 

Does mental training only help in sports?

No! Mental training can be used wherever performance is required. At work, in music, in training or simply in everyday life. About 50% of my customers are athletes, the rest come from a wide variety of areas.

From what age can I train mentally?

In principle, mental training is possible from the age of 6 years. In the trial session, we decide together whether mental training makes sense or not.

Where do we train?

I do most of my coaching in my office in Basel at Leimenstrasse 74. But you decide where we do our coaching. We can also go for a walk, sit down somewhere or do coaching in a sporty setting. Even competition accompaniment is possible. Not from around here? No problem, we can also conduct our coaching online via Zoom. 

Why Mental Training Basel?

In my daily work with clients, I combine my knowledge from studying psychology with innovative and modern methods from mental training. I am therefore available to you as an expert in both the psychological and mental areas. With my psychology degree at the University of Basel and my further training as a sports psychologist, I also stand out from a classic mental trainer, which enables me to assess and treat your concerns more comprehensively.

The mental training with me is flexibly adapted to your needs. You will receive a plan from me in advance of how our cooperation will develop and what to expect - so you are always actively involved!

I varied  build up my sessions so that we always provide new impulses and don't get bored. Whether working on the flipchart, on exercise sheets, with active movement or in your sporting environment - everything is included!

How often do I attend mental training?

To tackle a topic comprehensively, we need about 4-6 sessions. Then you decide for yourself whether you want long-term support or whether you want to train mentally on your own from there. We see each other every 2-3 weeks at the beginning, every 4-8 weeks over a longer period of time. 

Am I completely gone in hypnosis?

No, absolutely not. During hypnosis you are very active in what is happening. You hear everything around you, you can move and we also talk. After the session you will know everything you experienced and what we discussed. Unfortunately, what you may know from TV is usually just wrong and gives the wrong picture of hypnosis.

I would be happy to tell you more about it during the test interview.

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