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Are you interested in a workshop on a specific topic or would you like to offer a workshop about mental strength in your company, sports club or school? Find out more about my offer here.



Would you like to mentally support your team or your athletes as a group? 

I offer workshops tailored to the needs of your athletes. Decide with me which key topics are important, what time frame is suitable and how often you would like to offer such a seminar to your athletes.

Possible main topics are:

  • Competition preparation (dealing with nerves, creating rituals and safety, etc.)

  • Dealing with setbacks (poor performance in training, defeats, etc.)

  • Strengthening cohesion within the team

  • Increasing concentration, dealing with disruptive factors

  • Build self-confidence and use it profitably


Mentaltraining Basel as your contact for company workshops (or for schools and training centers). Together we will create an individual workshop for your team that exactly meets your wishes and needs. You decide the length of the workshop and the main topics. 

Possible focus areas for companies:

  • Strengthening team cohesion and team motivation

  • Dealing with stress and stress factors/strengths of work-life balance

  • Maximum performance and concentration

  • Sales training, the right demeanor

  • Employee health: Physical and mental health through mental breaks, proper nutrition and short exercise breaks

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